THE GREATEST THREAT: Reassess Your Readiness

THE GREATEST THREAT: Reassess Your Readiness

Are you really prepared to protect yourself and your family? If you’re doing a quick mental check and then say to yourself, “I carry a gun every day, have one in the house, and I know how to use effectively…”, and you then feel good about your state of readiness, then the cold hard reality is that you’re actually not prepared to handle the greatest threats to you or your family.

The CDC says there are 17,793 homicides on average a year in the US. That’s 5.5 per 100,000. No doubt that is something we should evaluate and be prepared to guard against.

THE GREATEST THREAT: The CDC says there are 146,571 deaths on average due to unintentional injuries. That’s a rate of 45.6 per 100,000, almost 10 times the rate of homicide. Injuries are the #1 cause of death for people between the ages of 1-44… NUMBER ONE! Not cancer, not heart disease, not gun violence and yet there are so many more initiatives in place and emphasis put on all those other areas that are far less fatal.

Now let’s break this down even further… massive hemorrhaging (blood loss), is the primary killer in BOTH homicide AND unintentional injuries. The point being that a lot, if not a majority, of deaths in both categories could have been prevented if proper skill and equipment had been applied.

If your idea of preparedness for protecting yourself and your family only includes a firearm, then you’re only prepared for the LEAST likely lifethreatening scenario.

Only carrying a firearm is like having 4 fire extinguishers in your car and one on your person at all times because of a fear of fire, but never having you or your family put their seat belts on.

Based on reality, that’s irrational.

Before the internet loses it’s mind, let me just go ahead and state clearly that as a firearms training company owner, I ABSOLUTELY believe you should be trained to use and carry a firearm on you at all times. I also believe you should have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle, even though the likelihood of you dying due to a fire in your car is about the same as getting struck by lightening or less.

Death because of blood loss can happen in 2-4 minutes. So in about the time it takes for you to call 911, describe the injuries, and provide an address or location, the person you’re calling help for will die.

EMS response time average in the US is around 9 minutes, which is incredibly fast but as the saying goes, “When seconds count, EMS is 9 minutes away”. Ok… I altered that a little bit, but you see the point I’m trying to make. It’s also important to realize that 9 minute national average is as short as it is due to the unbelievably fast response times in metropolitan areas. In LA, the average response time is around 2.5 minutes. Unfortunately, for most of us, even 9 minutes is a pipe dream. I know where I live it would be well over 20 minutes.


I know if one of my young children were suddenly injured and bleeding, all the fighting and shooting experience I’ve received during my career in Special Operations or as a Special Tactics Instructor for the federal government would be useless.

The most likely scenario where you can be the difference between life or death is dealing with a traumatic injury. When someone is injured, they don’t need a gunfighter.. they need someone that has the training and equipment on their immediate person (not in a closet or in the trunk of a vehicle) to save their life. That scenario is 10 TIMES more likely than you needing a gun to reduce a threat and even more likely if you do use a gun to reduce a threat.

Medical training is the #1 step in firearms training, and is training EVERY person should have whether they carry a gun or not. This is why we offer the medical courses that we offer; it’s because we actually care about saving lives and not just making a buck.

Sure, we have a passion for firearms training and we know it’s a lot easier to sell gun courses because they’re sexy and exciting (we make med training just as fun btw). We also truly believe everyone should be trained and have a firearm but if we rationally prioritize, the medical training has got to be first and foremost if we want to be ready to save a life. Are you ready?

Go to our website and regardless if you’re military, law enforcement, first responder, or a civilian enroll you and your family in an upcoming medical course. We are a National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) training provider and all of our courses come with a nationally recognized certification.

Stay Armed, Stay Ready!
-Survival IS Paramount-

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