Death of Soleimani Likely Leads to War – Results of a Cowardly and Feckless President

It’s shocking to watch the Democrat politicians, talking heads and media make a sitting US President out to be the villain after lawfully and prudently killing a mass murderer that is responsible for the death of hundreds Americans. What’s even more shocking is their reasoning to justify their anti-American sentiments. Every opportunity that Democrats and their propagandists in the media are given to either side with the United States or side with our enemies… they pick our enemies. They have done this since the days of the Soviet Union (clearly they were wrong and Reagan was right). Right now I cannot figure out if Iran is getting their talking points from Democrats or the other way around but either way they are echoes of each other.

In an effort to undermine President Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani, I keep hearing the question being posed, “after weighing the ramifications and possible retaliatory actions, the Bush and Obama Administration decided not to take action… Why now?” The answer is simple. Obama was weak and failed to take decisive action to save American lives. The injection of the Bush Administration, which is irrelevant on this matter given Bush that hasn’t been in office for over 12 years, is a pathetic attempt to muddy the waters and defend Obama’s lack of will and his inaction to stand up to Iran and protect Americans.

Some decisions must be made on principle regardless of consequences, and the decision to take out Soleimani should have been an easy one for Obama. When an aggressor is killing Americans we take action, kill those that are trying to kill us in order to reduce the threat and deter further actions against our people. One can “what if” the consequences to death but failing to act because of hypothetical analysis of defensive measures is a common sense folly of the worst kind. If a murderer broke into your house and was trying to kill your family would you decide not to act because this murderer’s family or friends MIGHT get angry and kill more people? That would be asinine and any leader applying such logic regarding the defense of our nation and people should be removed and publicly mocked for his/her stupidity. Failing to make decisions to protect Americans for fear of the unknown while ignoring the known is unforgivable. Quite frankly, funding Iran and using the power of the Office to insulate Iran from military action, and then begging them to negotiate while they were actively killing Americans should be considered treasonous.

Whether it was dealing with China on economic issues, confronting Russia about Ukraine, to red lines in Syria and negotiating with Iran and the Taliban, we and President Trump are in this situation because Obama did nothing but project weakness. Obama weakened our military while simultaneously strengthening and funding Iran and their terrorist activity. Literally, while Iran was actively killing America’s children, Obama was begging Iran to negotiate the JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal) and sending money to Iran to make a deal. Think about that… While Iran was killing Americans, Obama sent Iran 1.7 billion dollars in cash under the cover of darkness. This transaction was never meant to be found out by the American people. Could you imagine the outcry if Trump secretly sent North Korea a BILLION dollars in cash? North Korea isn’t even actively conducting terrorist operations against us, but if Trump ever did, he should be impeached, removed, and imprisoned… Just like Obama should have been.

The Obama Administration’s approach was to systematically weaken the US while strengthening Iran. Then we sit back and wonder how a terrorist general of a terrorist regime could be so bold enough to regularly fly into commercial airports all over the region while personally coordinating terrorist attacks on Americans. Iran and Soleimani thought we were too weak and too afraid to act against them. All because of Obama and the policies that so called Iranian and Middle East experts endorsed and still endorse.

Weakness and capitulation do not win wars against terrorists and Obama’s tenure as Commander in Chief should be defined by both.

Every American must understand that the only thing that will stop the current Iran regime from being a threat to us is the complete decimation of its leadership and their military capabilities. It is unfortunate, but at this point, military action truly is the only answer and we should act sooner than later. As long as the current homicidal and genocidal leaders of Iran are alive they will strive to kill Americans and Israelis with every breath. There is no reasoning, bargaining, or concession on our end that will ever be effective or stop them from working every day to kill Americans on the largest scale possible. Every attempt we make in that regard is only putting off the inevitable while allowing them to become a greater threat. We will be forced to act one day, and every day that goes by the threat, risk, and casualties on both sides increase.

The world is in the same situation it was in prior to World War II, just sitting back allowing a Hitler to build military power because they were to afraid of the consequences to act. If Hitler was confronted early, WWII would have never happened but the world leaders were too weak and cowardly, just as our leaders are now, to make the right decision. Their reluctance for a short battle resulted in World War II. 

The situation with Iran is very similar to an Active Shooting Event. After the school shooting in Columbine, domestic law enforcement realized that forming a perimeter and attempting to negotiate (apply diplomacy) during an active shooting event only produced more deaths. Currently, if there is an active shooter the agreed upon response is to rush in and kill the shooter as quickly as possible. This policy/tactic has undoubtedly saved lives. This response also reduces the success of active shooters and guarantees their death which serves as a major deterrent. This is a drastic approach. What if he/she could be talked down or “de-escalated” and then they’ll stop killing, and then maybe he/she could be reformed and find a cure for cancer? Of course the notion that we should be screaming through a bullhorn pleading with this psycho to stop killing is ridiculous. That however, exactly describes Obama’s policies and reactions regarding terrorists and Iran. If Obama and his like-minded policy makers were cops, they would have been hanging out with Deputy Scot Peterson outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School watching students die while they try to figure out what they can do that will make the shooter like them.

Diplomacy is clearly an effective tool but only before war or after a decisive victory, and after all will to fight has been removed from our enemy. Remember when we used to fight until an Unconditional Surrender was reached? Remember when even world wars didn’t last decades? In order for a tool to be a solution it must be applied at the right time, under the right circumstances.

 Just like the saying goes, “If you’re a hammer, every problem is a nail”, in the same vein, diplomats have never seen a military problem they believe they can’t fix with a diplomatic solution. Iran is a rabid dog intent on killing all that oppose or stand in their way and we have people that believe with enough diplomatic efforts we can make this rabid dog a house pet. Even as this dog is tearing the flesh off their children’s bones, they still foolishly project their own beliefs and sensibilities onto an animal that neither cares nor understands their point of view. Our fear to act, our fear of war, and interjecting diplomacy too soon or where it doesn’t belong is why the conflicts in the Middle East have dragged on for 20 years instead of being over within the 6 months to a year. The constant throttling back of aggressive military action and simultaneous diplomacy during combat operations emboldened our enemies and fueled their will to fight. This misuse of diplomacy has led to protracted wars and countless additional lives lost on both sides.

Looking back at history is always framed as a method of not repeating past mistakes, but we can also look back at history as a guide to make the right decision based on successes of the past. As radical and determined as Iran and other terrorist groups are, it’s hard to imagine there was a time when Japan and the entirety of its people were a much more radicalized and determined for world dominance and the destruction of the US. Even after Italy surrendered on September 8, 1943 and Nazi Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945 which all but ensured Japan’s defeat, and even after their navy and air capabilities had been destroyed, Japan was determined to fight on. The details of Japan’s surrender and how truly radical their resolve to fight to the last person is often lost in the details of history. Japan was far more determined than any threat we face today.

After planning an Allied invasion of Japan to end the war, it was determined by US leaders that the invasion of Japan would produce casualties 10 times that of Normandy and further pursuance of conventional war would possibly produce up to a million casualties on both sides. The US and its allies knew that Japan and every person in Japan, military and civilians alike would fight to the death so to SAVE lives on both sides the use of atomic weapons was determined to be the best course of action.

Three months after Germany had surrendered, on August 6, 1945 the US dropped a uranium bomb destroying Hiroshima and producing an estimated 80,000 casualties. Even after this devastating attack, Japan still refused to surrender. Three days later on August, 9th the US dropped a plutonium air burst bomb on the city of Nagasaki where it’s estimated another 75,000 people were killed. With their military destroyed and cities on fire there was still resistance from the Japanese Supreme War Council to surrender, but finally just before midnight on Aug 9th Japanese Emperor Hirohito decided to surrender after coming to the realization and declaring that “peace was preferable over complete destruction”.

While I have no doubt that dropping atomic bombs on Japan was a hard and horrible decision, that hard decision made by leaders determined to protect America, no doubt saved the lives of countless Americans, Allied Forces, and Japanese. Facing reality and making what appear to be the most brutal decisions sometimes are truly the most merciful ones that reduce the threat and loss of life on both sides. Look at the results. Look at Japan today and our relationship with Japan.

Obama could have made the correct decision to kill Soleimani years ago. That decision would have saved many American lives and possibly could have drawn a line in the sand to deter Iran from further aggression. Obama’s fear and indecision allowed Soleimani to carry out numerous operations that resulted in the killing and maiming of hundreds of Americans. Obama’s weakness has put us where we are today and Trump’s decision to defend Americans by meeting force with force was a decision that was long overdue.

I hear the term “Proportional Response” use by Democrats incessantly. This concept is indicative of a complete underestimation of the threat, a sole reliance on diplomacy when military action is needed, and frankly, a detachment from reality. The whole idea of a “proportionate” response to an attack on Americans is ludicrous. Tit for tat…That’s your strategy to win again Iran or to deter Iran from future action? Go home and take up a knitting! If you want to protect Americans and deter future threats then any attack on Americans should be met with an overwhelming and exponentially unproportional response!

Here’s the one and only simple concept Iran and our enemies will understand: ANY action against our people will result in your destruction, but if you want to act civilized and not threaten the world there’s a seat at the big boy table that will result in your prosperity. That’s it. That’s as simple or complex as any foreign policy regarding Iran or terrorists needs to be. Peace must be their only option. We just have to have leaders that are principled and strong enough to follow through with it. If they truly care about America they will. Given Iran’s actions and threats of future actions, they should not have one government building, military asset, nuclear facility or refinery left standing at this point.

Iran has proven over the last 40 years that the world cannot afford a militarized Iran, much less a nuclear one. If given the opportunity and the equipment necessary, Iran will absolutely attack on a mass scale and attempt world domination. They are building up their military with the funds given to them by the Obama Administration, they are still in the process of developing nuclear weapons, and they are currently developing strategic relationships with Russia and China. All military capabilities must be removed before any of those efforts are solidified. Not taking action is the most dangerous course of action that would result in massive loss of life and force future generations to pay for our cowardice. Imagine the millions of lives we could have saved if we had the courage to stop Hitler early on.

Diplomacy has failed with Iran since 1979 and we’ve practiced the definition of insanity ever since, always trying to apply more diplomacy and expecting a different result. There were many opportunities during the Obama Administration to render Iran harmless and instead the decision to strengthen Iran was made and they were emboldened. Because of this, I do believe that war with Iran is inevitable.

Democrats would have you believe that Iran is some powerful nation that should be feared. Iran is weak and we could completely destroy Iran in an under an hour without putting one American foot on their soil. For the record, I am not saying we should use nuclear weapons given we have more than enough conventional weapons to get the job done. Although, I am perfectly fine having Iran fearing we might use nuclear weapons. Without an unconditional surrender, no war is truly won. We must be prepared to fight without restraint and expect nothing less than a full surrender from Iran or we’ll have Americans fighting there for generations to come. President Trump has a lot of work ahead of him cleaning up after Obama’s failed policies… I just hope two terms is enough.

“It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it.”
-Douglas MacArthur

“When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Stay Armed, Stay Ready!
-Survival IS Paramount-

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