Stop the bleeding save a life!

20 people shot overnight at a party in DC. It’s reported 3 gunmen were involved.

This is why traumatic injury response/advanced medical training is so important. This appears to be a ‘drive-by’ style shooting. In many active shooting events like this it’s unlikely your firearm will do you any good.

If you only carry a gun, you’re only prepared for about 2% of life threatening events the world will throw at you.

If you’re serious about saving lives, you must be medically trained and medical gear must be part of your Every Day Carry.

Whether it’s a shooting like this or an auto accident, you’re hundreds of times more likely to save lives with medical gear than you will with bullets. It’s good to have both options but certified medical training should always be the priority.

Come to one of our medical courses and not only will you get excellent lifesaving training from our experienced medical staff but you also get a nationally recognized certification. Our National Association of Emergency Medical Technician (NAEMT) courses prepare you to save lives. While this is serious, life and death training… we make sure you have fun while learning. This training is perfect for the entire family (ages 12 and up)!

Go to learn more or enroll.

We’re just 1.5 hrs from DC and 4hrs from NYC. Discounted lodging is available.

Courses do qualify for CEUs for all EMS/EMT/Fire/Rescue professionals. Come train with us… you’ll be glad you did.

Stay Armed, Stay Ready!
-Survival IS Paramount-

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