This picture is from 2 years ago of my then 8yr old son. I remember the difficulty and frustration of trying to convey to him what happened there at that place on 9/11. I wanted him to feel the fear, panic, uncertainty, dread, sadness, and horror of that day so he could really appreciate it for what it was. I wanted my description to forever change him the way living through those events changed me. Words only scratched the surface and nothing I said did those events or the people lost that day the justice they deserved. I look around at our nation and I’m dismayed at how fast most did forget the feelings, the unity, the patriotism, and resolve of the following days. Less than 20 years from that moment, we have Americans burning our precious flag in the streets. People are demonizing our Law Enforcement, the same Law Enforcement that we recognized as such heroes that day and other similar days like the Boston bombing. In 2001 it was radical jihadist terrorists trying to tear down and destroy our society and our way of life. Today it’s our own citizens trying to do the exact same thing. To remember 9/11 I will preserve the love and patriotism for this country that I felt that day and the days immediately after. I will do my best to educate my children about that day and indoctrinate them with a deep love and pride for this great nation. This is the greatest and most exceptional nation to ever exist. It is the land of Liberty. It is the land of Equality for All. This is the land of Opportunity. It is the last beacon of freedom on this earth! If we don’t preserve, cultivate, and pass on a love for these United States and the ideals enshrined in our Constitution, this nation will cease to exist. We will do to ourselves what terrorists never could.

God Bless America!

Stay Armed, Stay Ready!
-Survival IS Paramount-

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