Covid 19 vs 9/11: Compliance or Defiance? Liberty or Slavery? Thoughts Halfway Through Quarantine…

Being in quarantine gives one a lot of time to think. When we look back at the greatest moments in our nation’s history, they are defined by courage and defiance.

I believe Americans have a very signature approach to threats and challenges. I don’t feel we’ve applied that ‘American’ response to Covid. Instead of defiance and courage, policies based on fear and self-preservation have been forced upon us. We’ve given up countless personal liberties… and for what?

We’ve given up freedom of speech to the argument of “spreading disinformation” that’s contrary to the CDC or Facebook. If your opinion is different than theirs, or you have information contrary then your opinion must be removed. That would never be acceptable in the America I remember.

We’ve given up Freedom of Religion. Who knew that a virus gives government the right to raid churches or determine when or where a religious service can be held or who can attend.

We’ve tolerated inconsistent, arbitrary, and capricious rules that only benefit one political party. Who knew that Democrat social and economic policies must be forced upon everyone to save us from a virus.

Businesses destroyed…
Stay at home orders… curfews…
A compliant, docile citizenry that allows rights and freedoms to be stripped with little more than a whimper.

Our kids have suffered social, educational, emotional and other setbacks while even after being vaccinated, teachers still refuse to go back to school. They line their pockets and hold out for benefit while our children suffer.

Even when death is the risk, surrendering liberties is never the answer. Millions of people have died to preserve even the smallest of freedoms we enjoy, and through guilt and the persuasion of “the greater good” so many have been deceived into wasting those freedoms that so much was sacrificed to win.

Years from now will we be proud that we gave up the 1st Amendment in response to Covid? Will we be proud that we kept our children home for over a year?

Thanks, Gary

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