Dry Fire Mag and Mantis X10 Elite – Perfect Training Combo

I discuss why most people actually shoot worse after dry firing. The Dry Fire Mag and Mantis X Elite Shooting Performance System can dramatically help you improve shooting performance and save you a lot of money and wasted rounds. Both also give you the ability to train regularly and sustain shooting skills without having to drag your gear to the range.

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2 thoughts on “Dry Fire Mag and Mantis X10 Elite – Perfect Training Combo

    • PTS Web Team says:

      Thanks for the comment Mike! If you would like to bring the Mantis to the course for assistance in leveraging all the features as well as some tips and tricks, by all means feel free to bring it out. However, it is not needed nor will be used during the course of instruction.

      Hope that helps! Any other questions or follow ups feel free to reach out anytime.

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