This 2 day course is designed for the  intermediate long range shooter.

Shooting out to 800 Yards off a multi-tier shooting tower!

For training we can provide everything you need or you’re welcome to bring your own firearm and equipment which we will help you setup for optimal performance*.

* We often have clients bring firearms or optics and other rifle components that just will not work for the intended purpose. We will help you make that determination, provide you a firearm for training, and ensure you leave knowing what will work in the future.

This course will build on the fundamentals learned in the Level I Course. Precision and accuracy requirements will be greatly increased all while adding the challenge of faster target engagements.

In this course we will cover the following:

  1. Long Range Ballistics

  2. Data Collection and Ballistic Apps

  3. Using Chronograph to Get Muzzle Velocity

  4. Grouping Drills

  5. Bolt Manipulation Drills

  6. Using Hold-Offs For Target Engagements

  7. Multiple and Rapid Target Engagements at Varying Distances

  8. Alternate Shooting Positions

  9. Student Led Spotting and Corrections

  10. Culmination Exercise and Sniper Challenge

Prerequisites:   Tactical Long Range Level I

Panthera Training Center
2506 Fish Pond Rd.Old Fields, WV 26845

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