Proven, Experienced, Professional Instructors.

Gary Iraq photo

Gary Melton

Gary Melton is a former U.S. Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant and Sniper Team Leader with 4 combat tours. He has worked full time for the last 7 years as the Unit Chief and Special Tactics Instructor at a federal agency, and is the Owner and Lead Instructor for Paramount Tactical Solutions.

Jonathan 'JD' Ames

JD is a former US Army Special Forces with multiple combat deployments.  He is a Federal Law Enforcement Training Association Instructor and Special Forces Sniper. He has trained military and law enforcement in sniper skills, long range, pistol & rifle marksmanship, close quarters battle, small unit tactics, and surveillance & reconnaissance.  He has 12 years experience instructing and is a Federal Law Enforcement Agency’s Advanced Tactics Instructor.

Jason Bautista

Jason Bautista is a former U.S. Special Forces with multiple tours to Iraq & Afghanistan. 14 years experience training law enforcement, military personnel, and other government agencies in firearms proficiency, small unit tactics, HUMINT operations, foreign affairs, and counter-terrorism. He is currently a Federal Law Enforcement Agency Sr. Firearms Instructor.

Brook Bio Pic

Brook Bowen

Brook Bowen is a former member of 75th Ranger Regiment, Federal Law Enforcement Officer and member of the Tactical Team.  Currently serving as trainer for agency Firearms and Tactics Instructors.

DDeVeau Bio Pic

Derek DeVeau

Derek DeVeau joined the army and after initial training and airborne school he was assigned to the 82D Airborne Division as an intelligence specialist and reassigned as a Military Police Officer. He has 4 combat tours Afghanistan & Iraq. He has since trained Marines and has served as a senior tactics instructor for a Federal Law Enforcement Academy.

Daniel R. Merritt

Daniel R. Merritt is a Law Enforcement Professional, specializing in Security Driving, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Operational Medicine and more. He has trained military units, Law Enforcement agencies, and private security companies. He is a senior defensive tactics instructor for the Department of State, providing training to US Diplomats deployed to High Threat Posts.