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I first me the crew at the GAOS in Harrisburg PA at the beginning of 2019. I was really impressed with what I heard and everyone in the booth made sure to talk to everyone that walked up. I started following Paramount on social media and started looking at classes I wanted to take. It took 6 months before I was able to take my first weekend of class. Defensive pistol 1 and 2 was the perfect class to take. My shooting drastically improved and I learned a ton. I can’t believe that it took me so long to take my first class. Not only will I be taking more classes with Paramount but I will also be taking my daughter to classes with me. I have the upmost respect and trust in Paramount to not only continue to train me but my family and friends also. I will forever recommend them to anyone that I can. Thank you to the whole team. Dave M

Willie E

This past weekend (4/13-4/14) I took Defensive Handgun I and II with Gary and his excellent team of instructors. I came into the class with very little experience shooting a handgun (~300 rounds) and no experience drawing from a holster. As I get more serious about this as a hobby I wanted to learn the fundamentals from the best and I can say without a doubt that the Paramount team (Former Special Forces Operators) is just that. Over the two day course, we learned how to safety handle and maneuver with the firearm and received detailed instruction on all aspects of shooting i.e. stance, proper grip, sight alignment, trigger pull, follow-through, rhythm fire, using cover, engaging the target on the move etc… The list goes on and on. The instructors all had high standards (good thing!) yet kept the mood light and were patient with all students. The class had participants with all levels of experience, and everyone commented repeated how much they learned. Some were even taking the class a second time as a refresher which in itself is a testament to how much people enjoy the class. So do not hesitate to take the class, you will not regret it! My confidence and ability to engage a target quickly and effectively improved dramatically over the two days and I look forward to taking what I learned in the class and putting it into practice on the range on a more regular basis. Again, I can’t recommend the class enough. Thanks Gary and Team for an awesome class and for your service for our country. Looking forward to seeing you all at other Paramount courses in the future!

Dave M

I was at the tactical carbine level 3 with my son. I was in the infantry, and to get to this course, we fly in from Colorado.I was looking to improve the skills I had learned from my time in the military. I was also looking for a good review and strengthening of the techniques I was taught in the level 1 and 2 courses and what I got was that and more. We started off with solidifying the stuff we learned from the first two courses, and then we grew from that and learned so much more. We learned how to shoot support hand, shooting from different positions from cover, proper techniques for transitioning from standing, kneeling and prone, and the best techniques for each of those stances, and much more. At the end of the course, we then applied what we learned to real world exercises by using simulation ammo. Overall it was an amazing experience, especially because of the professional instructors who didn’t have an ego or anything to prove. We learned much and with how it was all taught, as well as them giving us the programs they used to train us, we were able to retain it all.

Garret J

Although it is not talked about often in the civilian Search and Rescue world, the need for members with firearms training is imperative. Our very first deployment in 2017 showed us why at least one member on each deployment team needs be be trained and LEGALLY be able to carry in the states that we deploy to. Recently MED-SAR members with various firearms skill levels and varied backgrounds attended the Tactical Carbine 1 and the Defensive Handgun 1 courses with Paramount Tactical Solutions. Many of us have done some medical training with the Paramount team in the past, so attending the firearms training courses is a no brainer. The instructors at Paramount combine real world experience with a truly dedicated passion that make the training invaluable. The instructors took potential scenarios that we would run into during SAR deployments and added basic stressors to give the drills a feel that we could relate to, and mentally apply to our training. Regardless if you go with a group or just jump into one of the scheduled classes, you will get plenty of dedicated one-on-one time when needed. If any of you are interested in training please reach out to Paramount Tactical Solutions (not sure why I can’t tag their page) or feel free to reach out to us and we can put you in contact with them. We plan to have some more MED-SAR group trainings in the future but we encourage everyone to train in various classes they offer. Guy Summers If anyone is interested in a Maryland CCW course or Maryland HQL, please let us know. Chris Wallace (who is a cofounder and sits on the board of directors for MED-SAR) is the lead instructor and owner for Safety First Firearms and Defense LLC based out of Annapolis MD. He has helped many of us get our MD CCW.

Stephen B / MED-SAR