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Fun Fact: The #FDA and #BigPharma are one and the same. Once you understand this it all makes sense. Wake the fu€k up people. #VaccinePassport #VaccineMandate #vaccinate

Live Today At 5pm!
On our YouTube channel Paramount Tactical
I’ll be taking questions and discussing any topics you’d like to hit. Firearms, tactics, gear… whatever you got!
Let’s also talk government reliance and vax mandates. We’re headed toward tyranny.

The only Domestic Extremists I’m concerned about are Democrats and the Democrat Media. They are the real threat to our Republic.

Go back into retirement George.
#afghanistan #dnc #liberalism #DictatorBiden #BidenHarris #Democrats #DomesticTerrorists #GeorgeWBush #BidenDisaster

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Constitutional Carry Proves Successful In West VirginiaStatistics and data can be manipulated to some degree to prove any point, but there is a very strong correlation between a rapid decrease in violent crime in West Virginia and the passing of Constitutional Carry in 2016. West Virginia offers one most clear cut arguments for the correlation of reduction of crime and empowering citizens to be armed as there were no other major factors or initiatives that would otherwise explain the drop in crime. At a minimum this data proves or strongly suggests two key arguments:1) Stricter gun laws (prior to 2016) do not reduce violent crime.2) More armed citizens does NOT increase violent crime.These two arguments are the very basis of all gun control laws and/or theory. These two points completely undermine and invalidate all arguments for gun control or more stringent gun laws. There is no greater deterrent to bad guys than potential victims that can fight back. Populations of easy prey create more predators, the opposite is also true. Instead of needing to call and wait on a good guy with a gun to save you… BE the good guy/gal with a gun and save yourself. Stay Armed, Stay Ready! -Survival IS Paramount- ... See MoreSee Less
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Defensive Handgun Level III This weekend! Enroll now!It’s time to take your shooting to the next level. This course is where shooting, like in real life, becomes secondary and you learn to analyze your situation, maneuver, assess and treat casualties, learn to fight through injuries… all while shooting and making good tactical decisions! This is where reality comes in and standing still shooting at stationary targets isn’t an option. We’ll cover the following:Fundamentals AssessmentOne Handed ShootingSupport Side Shooting Injured Shooter DrillsActive Shooter and Casualty Treatment/Evac DrillsSingle Handed Reload TechniquesForce on Force DrillsAnd much more… To enroll click the link below. For group discounts email us at!Stay Armed, Stay Ready! -Survival IS ... See MoreSee Less
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