Fun Fact: The #FDA and #BigPharma are one and the same. Once you understand this it all makes sense. Wake the fu€k up people. #VaccinePassport #VaccineMandate #vaccinate

Live Today At 5pm!
On our YouTube channel Paramount Tactical
I’ll be taking questions and discussing any topics you’d like to hit. Firearms, tactics, gear… whatever you got!
Let’s also talk government reliance and vax mandates. We’re headed toward tyranny.

The only Domestic Extremists I’m concerned about are Democrats and the Democrat Media. They are the real threat to our Republic.

Go back into retirement George.
#afghanistan #dnc #liberalism #DictatorBiden #BidenHarris #Democrats #DomesticTerrorists #GeorgeWBush #BidenDisaster

“13 gave their lives so that others could live”.
General Milley 4 Star Biden Propagandist

No, 13 of the best among us were killed bc we gave up basic op control. 13 died bc US ldrs are so inept the greatest military had to rely on Taliban for security. #bidens13 #ResignNow

It’s official, we tRAINed today!
A sold out Defensive Handgun Level 1 but even in a downpour everyone had a blast!
Congrats to Dan A. for winning TOP GUN AWARD! 🥇
Can’t wait for Level II tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow is a little less 🌧 and more☀️
#training Just outside #DC

Biden On Troops Being Killed:
“This is why we have to get out of there…”
Let me translate senile old fool for you; ‘Terrorists killed our people, so we need to retreat faster.’ Our enemies have never been more emboldened!
#BidenIsADisgrace #Afghanistan

Most powerful military on earth and we’re relying on the #Taliban for our security. Let that sink in… #AfghanistanCrisis #BidenMustResign #UtterIncompetence

General McKenzie just stated “we’re doing everything we can to include REACHING OUT TO THE TALIBAN… WHO IS PROVIDING OUR OUTER SECURITY”!
What a disgrace! The most capable military in the world and people’s security is reliant on the F’ing TALIBAN!

I can’t even contain how angry I am rn!
Utter incompetence by @JoeBiden THE WORST PRESIDENT to ever hold office is responsible! This was EASILY preventable!

Every single person in the Executive Branch and every senior military leader should resign right now!


Remember #Benghazi?
Same people. Same result.

He now takes his orders from the Taliban.
He’s a friend to our enemies and an enemy to our friends.
#BenghaziBiden #TalibanJoe
Stay Armed, Stay Ready!
-Survival IS Paramount-


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