We gonna start following science or only science approved by your political party?
#science #Florida #MasksDontWork

“Anyone responsible for this many deaths should not be President”.
-Joe Brandon.
#OmicronVariant #BreakingNews #Biden

We’re losing our grip, time to come up with a new “variant” to put them in check. What should we call it?

Dunno but it should be really scary sounding. How about Omicron?!

I like it! Sounds like an STD Tansformers get!

Freedom?! Not today peasant! Lockdowns and boosters 4 you!

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I'll be providing a fully interactive virtual optics course and answering all questions. I will cover everything you need to know about rifle optics/scopes.


A government that believes itself to be more powerful than its citizens is the greatest threat to exist. The worst of all monsters.

Equality between government and citizens is the only antidote.

The armed and the unarmed can never be equals.


We made shopping easy!
I think the big stores got plenty the past 2 years. Spend your 💰 with us and other small businesses.

You may spend a little more than on Amazon but I think it's a good investment, don't you? #VeteranOwned


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